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Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy Association, Inc.

 QEST Association

QESTA is here for the preservation and advancement of

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy. 

New Information: 


Associate Membership: $50.00 Open to anyone who would like to support the preservation and advancement of QEST by donating funds to QESTA’s mission and vision. Each associate member will receive tax deductible documentation for their contribution.  Associate members may not by interested in receiving continued education or being listed on the directory. 

Student Membership: $25.00 Open to all QEST students currently enrolled in a QEST school. Students will be listed on the directory. 

Practitioner Membership: $100.00 ($80.00 if currently a member of AAEM) Open to all QEST graduates. QEST practitioners at this level can earn continued education hours and be considered a QESTA Practitioner immediately. After achieving additional benchmarks (ie: Continued ed hours, practitioner test 1 etc.) their title may move up and be listed on the directory. A $20 discount is applied to current AAEM members. We honor the value of being involved in the association. 

QESTA Titles: 

QESTA Associate (Someone who wants to support QESTA by paying the amount for membership.  May not be a practitioner or may not want to be involved with getting CE hours.  Will not be listed in QESTA Directory)


QESTA Student (Any student learning QEST.)


QESTA Practitioner (Open to all QEST Practitioners)


QESTA Practitioner Certified Essentials (Practitioner has taken Test 1 - Note:  AAEM Professional tests counts for this)


QESTA Practitioner Certified Advanced 

(Practitioner has taken Test 1 - AAEM Professional test counts for this + Test 2 - additional questions focused on problem-solving as taught at QEI.  Also has demonstrated in-person practical competency.)


QESTA Practitioner Certified Expert (Analogous to AAEM Master Practitioner.  Quite a bit of work needed to develop this.)

QESTA Practitioner Certified Instructor (Includes Certified Expert with additional requirements to teach QEST)

Continued Education: 

12 hours are needed annually to be considered a QESTA Practitioner Certified Essentials and up. 12 hours required in 2023 are applied to 2024. All 12 hours must be received from within the QEST Association. Hours could be from a combination of our free continued education classes every other month, from our gatherings, from Judith Heath's continued education series or possibly from additional continued education offered by our QEST Practitioner Certified Instructors. 

Benefits of Joining QESTA: 

Join QESTA to support the preservation and advancement of QEST. QEST is a robust healing modality that deserves an association that will strive to support the integrity and advancement of QEST and its practitioners.

When you become a member of QESTA you will receive regular-enlightening continued education, regular question and answer sessions, a community of like-minded people, referral resources to share with loved ones or client’s, a fresh and informative website to share, opportunities to advance your status with clear standards, recognition for advancement as a QEST practitioner, marketing materials at your fingertips and the acknowledgement as an elite QEST practitioner.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule 

Monthly Webinars 


Continued education is facilitated by Judith Heath, Master Practitioner of the Quantum Energetics Institute and President of QESTA.

While Judith will lead some sessions, QESTA will invite other presenters.

(Note: Judith will continue her monthly CE webinars for subscribers: 3rd Thursday of each month)


Every other month a continued education webinar will be provided via zoom. 

In the off months, a question-and-answer webinar will be scheduled to provide practitioners with the opportunity to ask questions regarding their practice/current clientele. The question-and-answer sessions will be in a discussion format so that we can learn from each other and to get those burning questions answered.


1st Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm MST for one hour.

(PST 5:30 pm, MST 6:30 pm, CST 7:30 pm, EST 8:30 pm) 

The webinars are designed to last one hour. The lecture will be 45 minutes with 15 minutes allotted for questions. 


Online via Zoom 


We want to support our members through consistent continued education that focuses on the advancement of QEST. We want to provide an opportunity for practitioners to ask questions and to receive answers with the intention of boosting your confidence in the power of QEST codes and your clients' situation. 

Please join our association by becoming a member so that you can receive monthly reminders of the upcoming webinars and the corresponding zoom links. 

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