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Writing by the Water


QEST is a powerful energy method (modality) that can support the body by both identifying and addressing energy disturbances.  It is rare to find a modality that can work with all twelve of the body-systems. Most forms of body work specialize in muscles or bones or lymph etc.  QEST works with each system on an energetic level. We recognize that energy is the  blueprint of the physical issue manifesting; therefore, by addressing what is present on an energetic level we are profoundly helping the body.  QEST is comprehensive as it addresses the whole body; yet specific enough to help each individuals' unique symptoms. Enjoy reading a few of the testimonials submitted by clients to their practitioners to get a glimpse of what QEST can do for you and your loved ones. 


Chronic fatigue ends

Confident Mature Woman

I had been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 15 years and had tried many different treatment approaches. If it had been suggested, there was a good chance I had tried it.

When my step-daughter recommended I try QE, I thought, Why not? What do I have to lose? It will be good bonding experience with my step-daughter!

Fortunately, I was the one in for a huge surprise. IT WORKED!! After just one session, I had more energy than I had in 15 years and I could think again.

I was so impressed with this powerful holistic healing that I soon became a QE student so I could share the wonderful results with others!

~Cindy Carfore,  Ft. Myers, FL

Cindy's QE practitioner was Tasha Morris. 


Knee pain is gone 

Sports Injury

I had an accident and hurt my knee. I could hardly walk on it or bear much weight. I truly thought I had torn something. Before I went to the doctor, I called Raesha to see if she could do some QEST work on my knee. At the end of my visit, I was able to walk like nothing had happened and I haven’t had any problems with it since.

~TG 2.2022


Vertigo is in the past 


I was referred to Angell Works after I had been diagnosed with vertigo. I spent a couple months dealing with spins and loss of balance. I had one session and  have not had any spins or loss of balance which I am very happy with and can keep working without holding myself up. I will be using QE more in my life.

~Devin Hillman-Idaho

Professional tri-athlete's injury healed with QEST. 



For about 13 years, I was a professional tri-athlete and after retirement from competition, had hip pain and a pulled hamstring that left me unable to run. After a number of QE sessions with Judith Heath, the pain was gone and has stayed gone for over 3 years.

I've also loved the help I've gotten with hot flashes and brain fog. I had tried acupuncture, chiropractic, cranial sacral work, Body Talk, tons of supplements, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, and mental / emotional work. Then I remembered QE and of all the things I've tried, QE is the one that worked for my sports injury. QE is amazing!

~ Colleen Cannon, Boulder Colorado 3X National Champion


Hyper-active child
finds sense of calm. 

Father and Son Playing

My five-year old son was very hyperactive! After several QE visits his behavior is now completely normal. Thank you so much.

~S.D., Denver, CO



Ear infections, Ear tubes?
Not with QEST!

Curious Girl

From age 1 month to age 9 months, I took Tanya to the doctor every month for ear infections. The doctor changed her antibiotics every month, trying to find the one that would kill the bacteria, but she seemed to have a super bug. When we saw the doctor the 9th time, he said Tanya had to get tubes in her ears. I told a friend about Tanya's ears, and she recommended I take Tanya to see Judith.

I was VERY skeptical. I took Tanya in and sat her in my lap. Judith tapped on Tanya in different locations and tested the results of her work by pushing down on my extended arm (you see, I was a surrogate for Tanya). I was really skeptical about this! "This is not gonna work....dumb" I thought. It took about 45 minutes and didn't cost much and we left. After a few days, I took Tanya back to the doctor to see how her ears were looking. When the doctor opened up Tanya's chart he said, "Oh great you got the tubes."GET TUBES! had been written in her chart in black magic marker. I said that I did not. I just wanted him to look in her ears again before I did that. He looked into one ear and said her ear was absolutely perfect! The doctor said that he can always tell if a child has had infections for the next year after the infection is over. He said the redness and scars remain for a full year, even if the infection is gone. But he said her ear showed NO signs at all of previous infections! He said "her ear is perfect...but lets look at the other." He then looked in her other ear and said it was also perfect.

He just couldn't believe what he was seeing so he left to get the other doctor in the office who had also seen Tanya during those 9 months. He wanted him to see this miracle also.

After they both looked in her ears, I told them what Tanya and I had done (Quantum Energetics). They were quite surprised and very pleased with the results. And one asked for Judith's business card.

Tanya is now 22 years old and has only had 2 ear infections in the last 21 years and 3 months. She was around 8 years old when she had some ear infection. But No tubes. No more ear pain. No more antibiotics. Thanks to Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy!

~Carol Mardinly


Shoulder pain and tingling 


Dog diagnosed with weeks to live, but QEST offered two years.

Since the age of 5 I'd had a tingling, burning sensation between my shoulder blades. I first noticed it when I was helping my mother sweep the kitchen floor.

A football injury at age 27 painfully popped out an upper rib and until QE, it popped out from time to time. Then for a few months before seeing Judith, my left shoulder motion was restricted from an accident and tear in muscles of my rotator cuff. She worked with my upper back and some muscles of my rotator cuff.

Now, I'm free of these chronic upper back and shoulder pain which is a good thing because I use my arms daily...and I can use my shoulder normally. I don't know how QE works, but it does.

~Steve Fadness, Fadness Electric, Fort Collins, CO


Raesha has been working on Grits, my 11 year old Airedale Terrier, for over a year now.  Amazing things have happened. QEST treatments were first started with the intention of helping his hip and back problems.  Grits was starting to slow down, and he was becoming sore more frequently. 

As old age set in his symptoms started to compound and in October 2017 a vet suggested I put Grits down.  This is July 2018 and Grits is still going strong.  It has been amazing to watch my pup go from weak, nauseous, throwing up and in pain to running around and licking his bowl clean. 

Grits generally doesn't like to be touched. However, even at the first session Grits automatically moved toward Raesha allowing her to perform QEST,  Grits is always excited to go see Raesha and he quickly responds to the work. Raesha has a calming and caring energy that instantly makes her client comfortable. She is thorough, dedicated, and truly cares.

When I was first introduced to QEST I was skeptical.  Seeing the work done on Grits has shown me that it is real, healing, and undeniable. I have had work done on me and I have benefited from it, but I have given my pup my time slot because he needed it more. 

I am so thankful for Raesha and the work.  I hope to be able to get back to it myself.  I highly recommend Raesha to anyone and everyone.  I am forever grateful to her for all she has done for Grits.  We're so excited to go to our appointment this week.

-Alana (owner of Grits)


Lower back, sciatica &
hip issues

Sunset Yoga

Client of Annie Angell's 

I have been a client of Annie's for about 3 years. I first went to her with lower back pain, sciatica and hip issues. I was fairly skeptical about the whole thing, but I had a very good recommendation from a good friend, so I thought what do I have to lose? Within a day or so after my first visit, I was feeling much better. And that's the way it generally goes-- when I go in within a day or so, my issues have resolved. A bonus is that the time spent with Annie flies by, like visiting with a friend. I highly recommend Annie and QEST. As in my case, what do you have to lose?

~Sue    Raub, ND              2022


Kidney stones, back & shoulder pain, numbness in feet, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure. 

Hands On Steering Wheel

Client of Annie Angell's

I had my first visit with a QEST practitioner 5 or 6 years ago. My major complaint was back pain and numbness in my feet. After my first session both problems slowly got better. My wife Annie decided to learn this work. Since she has started working on me on a regular basis I was actually able to get off ALL my prescription medications which included high blood pressure pills, depression pills, restless leg pills, sleeping medication, and heartburn pills.

I have always had problems with kidney stones. Months before she started learning QEST I had my 3rd kidney stone and had to have it surgically removed. Talk about pain! Well I got my 4th one just months ago and I for sure was not looking forward to passing it or having surgery to remove it. Annie had me get on the table and she worked her codes on me. Now I know this stuff works because I’ve had such great results before but I’m going to be honest I wasn’t sure she would be able to help me with this one. Not one bit! Well I actually passed it and let me tell you it didn’t hurt AT ALL! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had my 1st and 2nd kidney stones blasted with the ultrasonic waves which pulverizes the stones so they are easier to pass, the 3rd surgically removed so this last one being passed with absolutely no pain at all and without modern medicine was purely amazing to me. If you’ve ever passed a kidney stone before you can’t even imagine passing it without pain. There was absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. AMAZING!

You never realize how much pain you are in until the pain is gone and you feel better. Most of my symptoms I forgot about until Annie brought out the form I filled out in the beginning. She asked me how this is or how that is and I was like oh crap I forgot I even had that. Sometimes the pain was instantly better while other times it got better gradually and I didn’t really notice it until she mentioned it and I had to think “now when did that stop hurting?” I love this work and I’m so grateful she wanted to learn it. You won’t regret having her work on your issues, your body will thank you over and over again.         

Zeb- Laurel, MT                       2018

Neurological issues in a performance horse


My horse presented symptoms that seemed to be caused by a Protozoa that attacks the nervous system also known as Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). She couldn’t track well, she would ring her tail, and she started stumbling while running barrels. I took her to numerous vets, finally a vet in NE was familiar with the disease and confirmed that she had EPM. I followed the vet’s recommendation, but Lena still wasn’t well. I heard about Raesha and decided to try QEST. Lena responded well to the work. Following QEST treatments, Lena began to track better, she didn’t ring her tail as often, and she stopped stumbling. She has made big improvements and is running competitively again!

~Mary Mitzel, Sundance, Wyoming 


Hot mess express


Client of Annie Angell's

I’ve been seeing Annie for a few months now. I was referred by a friend in town and figured it was worth a try. I have a bad knee which causes me to limp which in turn pops my hip out. Since seeing Annie I haven't had to go to the chiropractor every few weeks to have my hips put back. She’s also been able to help me with some of my other aches and pains! I now have referred my daughter to her, and she is getting good results for her issues as well. I’m not sure how this works but I am loving the results. Thank you, Annie, for coming to Parshall to work on us!

~Kim  Parshall, ND              2020


Back Pain Resolved since 25 years

I have suffered from back pain for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have been to general practitioners, back and spine specialists, multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and personal trainers. I’ve tried acupuncture and yoga. I’ve had x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. I have taken prescription pain pills, muscle relaxers and every type of over-the-counter pain reliever imaginable. I had my first session with Judith just over a month ago, and this is the first time in my adult life, over 25 years, that I’ve lived a month free of back pain. The work she does has been life changing for me!

I'm so interested in learning more about what you do and eventually taking your classes when you have an opening. In the mean time, are there any books or reading material that you would recommend?

Thank you again for the relief you have brought me!



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