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Learn QEST

Quantum Energetics Institute

Learn A Leading Edge Healing Modality.

Study in Fort Collins, Colorado at

Quantum Energetics Institute with

Master QEST™ Practitioner, Judith Heath. 

Judith M. Heath 

304 Dartmouth Trail 

Fort Collins, CO 80525


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Learning QEST may be right for you if...

You enjoy helping people and are looking for "hands on" energy work that is rewarding and fulfilling or, if you are already a health practitioner who longs for more effective results from your work; as well as wanting to help your clients have increased vitality, energy, improved sense of well-being, and enhanced immune response. 

How Does QEST™ Assist the body in healing?

Each person is different, and Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ practitioners are careful to make no claims or promises. However, it is exciting to know that for more 45 years, QEST clients have experienced positive, powerful improvement with diverse problems, including:

  • head injuries

  • learning disabilities

  • structural / sports injuries

  • whiplash

  • lower back pain and sciatica

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • knee pain

  • improved immune response

  • colic and failure to thrive in babies

  • hyperactivity and ADD

  • fatigue

  • metabolic disorders and syndromes, affecting:

    • circulatory

    • lymphatic

    • respiratory

    • digestive

    • endocrine

    • reproductive systems

    • various toxic reactions

  • alleviation of pain associated with injuries and cancer

  • heightened sense of well-being

  • increased clarity of thinking, and identification of problems in their incipient stages, to name a few.

QEST emphasizes overall health improvement, which results from the progressive nature of the work. Dramatic results are not uncommon with infants, people in comas, and animals, and while a positive belief system is always helpful, it is not essential for QEST to be beneficial-provided there is a willingness to receive care.

"If there is something wrong with the body; then there is a cause and I believe with QEST we can find that cause and work with it." ~Judith M. Heath 

Read What Graduates Have to Say: 

I knew years ago that I wanted to learn this modality. I was given the opportunity in 2020. I enrolled in the Quantum Energetic Institute, QEI, with Judith Heath.

It was a complicated time due to the Covid pandemic and all the obstacles it presented. I was in Judith’s first hybrid class, in person and classes over Zoom. It was a challenge as this is a very hands-on modality. Judith had to adjust to her normal teaching style. We participated in Zoom classes and in person classes as much as we could. The biggest challenge for me was having clients to work on. Many people didn’t feel comfortable coming into areas where they may be exposed to Covid, whether it was someone’s office or home, yet we somehow were able to perform this awesome work.

One huge blessing that came from the Covid pandemic was being able to learn how to do distance work on clients. I have been able to help many people, including family members who don’t live near me. I enjoy every aspect of doing this work, from getting to know my clients personally, to hearing how much better they feel after working on them.

~ Terrie Sauder

Rapid City-QEI 2022 

I have now been a graduate of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ Institute for more than a year and have found that doing QEST is an amazing career for helping individuals. Looking back on the classes that Judith created for our particular group, I was very impressed by the amount of valuable information we covered in each class. As part of our studies we were required to complete a minimum of 100 internship hours. This was most valuable for hands-on training, as each of us would return to classes with some new insight to share with the others. Because QEST is such a unique healing modality, the variety of clients I see is truly amazing. I would recommend this study for anyone who is truly interested in cutting edge "hands-on" healing.

Heidi Peterson

Colorado - QEI '03

"Judith has designed the QEST Intensives to allow for students to start experiencing the wonderful results of QEST after just the first weekend. Because of this, I have personally been able to make a drastic difference already in the lives of a few of my clients! It is a very rewarding feeling knowing I have the knowledge to help people with their pain."

~Cindy Carfore

Business Owner, Florida – QEI '03

"I feel very lucky that Judith was my instructor of QEST. The training I received at QEI was so thorough that by graduation I had established a full time QEST practice. I have worked in the field of health care for 15 years and it is exciting now to see my QEST clients receive relief from pain, recover from serious illness, and much more. Also, I love being able to do my share of supporting my family with income from my QE practice."

~Tasha Morris

Colorado - QEI '01



Upcoming Classes: 


New class started January 8th, 2024

Upcoming Class: TBD 

 Judith Heath will be starting a new QEI class in Fort Collins, CO. Please contact Judith with interest.  There will be 6 Monday evening Zoom classes and 8 in-person classes. Numerous instructional Zoom classes will be scheduled throughout the program to allow the in-person classes to be mostly "hands-on”.


QEI classes are intentionally small (maximum of 6 students) with careful instruction and supervision.  When possible, supportive QEI graduates, and second year students add richness to the learning experience while deepening their own expertise in QEST.  QEI students also schedule internship hours with Judith as she works with QEST clients.  Graduates have said that this is one of the most valuable parts of QEI’s program.


Don't wait!

Become a certified QEST practitioner to have a fulfilling career of helping others overcome illness and injury.

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October 29th, 2023 Graduates


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