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What is QEST?

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST) is a holistic, non-invasive approach that improves general health by working with the energy body.  Various procedures help to re-establish disrupted energy patterns and flow so the body can begin to correct things that need attention. 

QEST enables us to discover energetic problems at early stages.  When QEST is performed, it can help the body to find its proper balance.  Good results from QEST have enabled people to be free of structural pain/weakness, metabolic disorders, syndromes, and so much more!

We often hear about an improved sense of well-being and immune response, greater energy, enhanced mental clarity and emotional stability. 

What is an "energy body"?

Our physical bodies are composed of matter, which we can see.  Quantum physics recognizes that this matter is also energy. This energy body has been filmed with Kirlian photography. QEST practitioners believe that this energy body extends through our physical bodies and slightly beyond.  It forms a kind of energy blueprint that guides what happens in the body.  Because we are energy beings, we are affected by energy--and in this case--by higher energy flowing through the QEST practitioner's hands, much like a current flowing through an extension cord.

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